Junior Slammers

Volleyball Club

Frequently Asked Questions 

​1.  Does Junior Slammers accept partial payments for club fees?

A:Yes, full or half payment is due at Parent /player/coaches meeting. Second half is due by mid December. 

2. When and where are practices?

A: Practices are held at Paola High School or Paola Middle School. Most Saturdays with a few Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and a few Thursdays. 

3. Does Junior Slammers offer Gold Team?

A: All Junior Slammers Teams are registered as Silver level teams. All Silver Teams can play up into Gold or Open Tournaments if players/parents and Coach of team is agreeable to play up. 

4. What are the Fee's for Junior Slammers Club? 

A: Ages 12-18 . Fee's are the same for all ages, prices vary depending on number of tournaments teams chose to play in. 5-Tournaments $275.00, 6-Tournaments $325.00, 7 Tournaments $375.00 . Plus you register players with HOA and pay own membership fee's

6. How are tournament picked and what dates.

A: The night of our parent/player/coaches meeting is the time for everyone to discuss which tournaments to play in and discuss any conflicts of certain dates.

7. Is there a difference between a 14-1 team vs a 14-2 team?

A: No, teams are not put together according to skill level. Most of our teams are pretty equal to each other. 

8. Does Junior Slammers offer fundraisers?

A: Yes, this will be discussed at Parent/Player/Coaches Meeting.